At Harnessing Strengths, we believe that strategy is everything. If you don’t have the right strategy in the right order it will greatly affect your growth and sales trajectory. So before you start, make certain that you have asked the right questions and have all the data you need to make the best decisions to grow your company. Here are some of the strategies that we specialize in:

Product Strategy

Too often we see companies will first design a product, then place a huge order with China, and then hope the product will sell.  In today’s world, you don’t have to guess what people are looking for or who wants your product.  You don’t have to guess if it is too competitive or if it is not cost effective to sell.  At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in product research and can do a full product work up that can answer these questions BEFORE you go to market:

  1. How many people are searching for your products each month?
  2. What direction is the product trending?
  3. How seasonal is the product?
  4. How competitive is the product?
  5. How expensive is it to effectively market the product?
  6. How much are the top sellers on Amazon on making?
  7. How popular are the products on social media?
  8. How many video marketing opportunities are there?
  9. What is a good domain strategy for this product line?
  10. Do your products have a registered trademark and are they protected legally?
  11. What are the current and potential sales channels etc?
  12. Do you have a Product Growth Strategy and Roadmap?  You need to have a full understanding of how you will grow the product line.
  13. What are the sourcing opportunities you have for your products?

There should be no more guessing.  These are all questions that you should have answered in order to make the most effective decisions before making big product buy decisions.  So contact Harnessing Strengths, and learn more about put together a product strategy that makes your company successful.

Marketing Strategy

The days of traditional marketing actually being cost effective are long over. With the rise of social media, YouTube, content marketing, and influencer marketing,  Google is no longer the primary online traffic source.  With more options comes a greater need for an effective marketing strategy.  Here are some of the marketing strategies we specialize in:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  2. Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Voice Search marketing
  9. Marketplace Marketing
  10. Event Marketing
  11. Guerilla Marketing

So contact Harnessing Strengths, and learn more about how we can we put together a marketing strategy for your business.

Diversification strategy

The key to long-term and stable growth is diversification. You can no longer rely on one product line, a couple of traffic sources, 2 or 3 sales channels, one website, or one marketplace, etc. There are too many competitive forces.  In order to combat these market forces, you must diversify in order to have clear and consistent growth.

Learn more about our diversification strategies and how we can help you grow your business.

Monetization Strategy

The craziest thing about most businesses is that they don’t grasp how to fully monetize their traffic.  Too often companies rely on only one or two monetization strategies. But when you have paychecks to write and family feed, you don’t have to luxury of only focusing on one or two monetization strategies.  You have to diversify how and where you make money so that you can always overcome the market forces and weather any storms you might have.  Here are some of the monetization strategies we specialize in:

  • B2C E-Commerce
  • B2B E-commerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketplaces
  • Effective Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile App
  • Subscription
  • Online Class
  • and more

Pitch Deck and One Sheet

Too often companies fail because their financial team will put together a great pitch deck, get the funding, and two or three years later the company will go out of business. The reason is because they only put together one or two slides on marketing not understanding how they were going to market the company and having no idea if the marketing plan would work.

At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in putting together the marketing and implementation side of the pick decks to show investors a detailed action plan how you will make it happen.  So far, when we are involved, we have never received “No” and have always gotten the funding.

Business Strategy

At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in taking a business idea and making it happen from start to finish. We believe any great business idea with an effective strategy can make the difference between a good company and a really great company. So if you need help formulating, building out, or doing a full audit on your business plan, contact us. We’ll be  happy to help you take your business idea to the next level.

Learn More About Our Business Plan Services.

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