Landing Page Development

If you know anything about paid search marketing or effective lead generation, you know that landing page design is one of the most important things that determine success or failure. An effective landing page design can cut your CPL in half and make the difference between success and failure of your campaign. At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in landing page design and can put together a paid search campaign and landing page that best accomplishes your goals.

Here are some of some of the landing page design services we provide:

PPC Landing Page Design

For any effective PPC campaign, having a good landing page design can make all the difference in the world. Good PPC Landing Page Design only comes with experience as you know what really works and makes the difference. With Google, landing page quality scores are becoming more and more important, because not only will a good landing page save you money with a lower CPC, but it will actually keep your campaigns running. If you have a poor landing page quality score you can run the risk of your campaigns being turned off. So contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us build you a landing page that transforms your PPC campaigns and cuts your CPL or CPA in half.

Dynamic Landing Pages

With the landing page quality score becoming more important, the use of dynamic landing pages has become more popular. The best part about dynamic landing pages is that you can dynamically change any and all parts of the landing page to be very specific for each keyword that was searched, the ad the person clicked on, and the location of the person viewing the landing page, etc. The advantage of the dynamic landing page is that it will get you a more relevant landing page, a better landing page quality score, and more importantly, displays a landing page that is exactly what the person is looking for. Contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us take your landing pages to the next level with dynamic landing page design.

Affiliate Landing Page Design

Building an affiliate landing page is actually quite a bit different than a standard paid search landing page. The ability to pass relevant parameters into the landing page is more limited and the quality of the traffic is usually not as effective as paid search traffic. So it is more important than ever to design an effective landing page for each type of affiliate. The best part about Affiliate landing pages is that there are none of the restrictions you have if building a landing page for your Google campaigns. So if you partner with Harnessing Strengths, you can take advantage of the possible freedom and also be more aggressive in obtaining quality leads that will actually generate sales.

SEO Landing Pages

Building an SEO landing page and/or an effective site that acts as an effective lead generation page is becoming more and more important. With the increase in competition and the raising CPC’s, you have to make the most of all the organic traffic you get from search engines. Organic Traffic that comes from effective Search Engine Optimization is actually the highest qualified traffic you will get. So contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us build you the best SEO landing pages you can possibly have.

Landing Page Tracking & Optimization

The most important part of any landing page is tracking. If you can’t track where your leads are coming from, what keyword they searched for, what ads your leads clicked on, what time of day the leads are coming at, and what your bounce rate is for each traffic source, you are losing your ability to effectively optimize your landing page. At Harnessing Strengths, we make certain to program all of our clients landing pages to have the most effective tracking that is cost effective. We not only use the basic Google analytic, but we also provide a real time web analytic solution that gives our clients the ability to have unlimited goals and see all of their stats real time. No more 24-hour delay.

Unlike most agencies, we take our tracking all the way through to the sale in a simple report. We think it is unacceptable to not able to to see the full picture when optimization your landing page and making business decisions. Before we start any project we always take the extra time to understand your business goals and setup effective benchmarks so that we effectively track results and understand our effectiveness.


So contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us take your landing pages to the next level. Let us be your landing page development team.