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At Harnessing Strengths, we believe that the strategy and the quality of execution is everything. The problem is that if you don’t have experience, know standard conversion rates, and best practices on how to accomplish them, you are losing opportunities and sales.  So if your business is not growing 30% to 80% year over year, you need to learn more about our consulting services. Here are some of the consulting services.

  1. CEO Coach – As the CEO of a company, everyone looks to for you the vision, direction, and the road map on how to grow your company.  With all of the industry changes and trends, it is impossible to stay current.  Before you know it you and your company are way behind.  If this sounds like your situation, you need to learn more about our CEO coaching services.  As your CEO coach, we provide two to three types of CEO coaching.
    1. Confidential – Our confidential coaching provides you with everything you need without alerting your team of additional consulting.
    2. Team Coaching – Our team coaching provides your complete executive team a full audit and interview so that we make certain your executive team is operating as cost effectively as possible and your company is taking full opportunity of their skills, passions, and expertise.
    3. Company Coaching – Our company coaching does a full audit of the whole team, the uses of technology, makes certain the company is using the most cost-effective technology, uncovers all the possible monetization channels, ensures you are doing the best ROI effective marketing and that you have a diversified monetization strategy.  This also includes a full workup of all of our consulting services below.
  2. Growth Strategy Consultant – If you are not growing 20% to 60% each year, you are missing out on a lot of opportunity. At Harnessing Strengths, we can give you a detailed action plan to implement a growth strategy that will take your company to the next level.
  3. E-commerce consultant – The world of e-commerce changes every day and if you are not staying up with all the SEO changes, competitor changes, market changes, tax changes, marketing changes and privacy changes to name a few, you are probably losing the opportunity and not growing as fast as you should.  At Harnessing Strengths, our e-commerce consulting includes a full site audit, SEO audit, software and app audit, security and malware audit, SEM audit, social audit, backlink audit marketing audit, market analysis, keyword research, ROI analysis, detailed cost analysis, and more.  We will then put together a detailed action plan and a recommended growth strategy. We will go over all your costs and see where you could save money.   We will even train you and your team on how to accomplish the tasks and goals.  If you are interested in e-commerce consulting, please let us know.
  4. Marketing Consultant – The world of marketing is changing every day.  This means everything from search engine marketing to social marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and marketplace marketing. Our marketing consulting is comprehensive and covers 110% of all of the different types of marketing.  Our marketing consulting also includes the best practices and our team putting together a marketing strategy that will accomplish your goals within the budget you have available.
  5. SEO Consultant – Our SEO Consulting is one of our most popular services because the world of SEO is changing every day.  The worst part is that if you don’t understand all the little details, you can actually hurt your SEO when you think you are trying to help it.  So make certain to contact us and learn more about SEO consulting services.
  6. SEM Consultant – The world of search engine marketing is growing by leaps and bounds.  You are no longer limited to just Google search, now you have Google shopping, Remarketing, Dynamic Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc.
  7. Shopify Consultant – Shopify runs over 600k e-commerce stores, and there are thousands of apps and themes.  But what is the best theme and apps to use?  Did Shopify as a bunch of SEO issues out of the box,(not sure what you mean here) You must make certain you have all of the SEO fixes in place to maximize your SEO growth. So contact us today and learn more about our Shopify Consulting Services.
  8. WordPress Consultant – WordPress runs over 30% of the web and is the most user-friendly and flexible software.  However, when it comes to themes, plugins, hosting, security, firewalls and malware scanning, you have to have a WordPress Consultant that understand SEO, WordPress Security, hosting, backups, malware security, upgrades, hacking, fixing and more. So contact Harnessing Strengths and learn more about our WordPress Consulting service.
  9. Website Security Consultant – It today’s world, if you use an open source software and plugins, it is not if you are hacked, it is when you are hacked.  So you need to always put the security plugins, malware scanning, backups, automatic resolution, and firewalls and team in place to protect sites.  So contact us today and learn more about Website Security Consulting today.  Having the right solutions and the right team will save you time, stress and money when you need it most.
  1. Diversification Consultant – When you have employees and people that count on you and you are operating in this changing market, the only way to achieve stable and consistent growth is to diversify your marketing and sales channels.  But when you add more channels, you may spread yourself and team too thin to be successful. So it is important to make certain you have all the right tools, integrations, services and team to make your diversification strategy successful.
  2. Product Development Consultant – You no longer have to worry if a product is going to work or not.  With all of the keyword research tools, competitor analysis, social analysis, content analysis, and SEO tools, we don’t have to guess if something is going to work. We can actually look at the data and make good decisions.  We just have to do it.  Learn more about our product development consulting services.
  3. Channel Advisor Consultant – We offer a solution that will allow you to have scalable grow to over 100 marketplaces and retailers while also maintaining stability and diversification. The best part about Channel Advisor is that once you get your product information into the system, you can easily list all of your products onto any marketplace and retailer. However with such an advanced software, you need a Channel Advisor consultant that can help get you set up, set up all the business rules, map out the integrations and more. Channel Advisor support is not enough.  So contact Harnessing Strengths to learn more about our Channel Advisor consulting.
  4. Start-Up Consultant – If you are thinking about starting a company and need help with a building business plan, marketing plan, pitch deck, one sheet, actually pitch to investors, infrastructure, website, e-commerce website, product strategy, diversification strategy, setup integrations, hire the right team and more, we can help. At Harnessing Strengths, we provide start-up consulting were we can do everything you need to help get set up with a great growth strategy and more.

In summary, at Harnessing Strengths, we have over 15 years experience, and you can leverage our experience through our consulting services. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your consultant for success.

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