Lead Generation Services

If you are like most businesses, your growth and success depend upon finding new customers. However, to find new customers, you first have to find somebody that’s interested in or looking for your services. That is why the industry of lead generation services was established. With lead generation, business purchase qualified leads, which are individuals looking for a specific service.

Lead Generation and the purchasing of leads has become one of the fastest and cheapest methods of growth for small and large companies alike. So, no matter what the industry, there is probably somebody out there who is generating qualified leads. Some of the most common industries for lead generation include the mortgage industry, insurance industry, real estate industry, dating industry, legal industry, weight loss industry, and medical industry, just to name a few.

If you have tested any lead generation vendors in your industry, you will quickly find some lead sources who provide not-so-qualified leads that don’t generate any sales. Or, maybe you had a lead vend0r that promised you a huge volume of leads and you are only getting a handful each week. Don’t let these bad experiences get you down on lead generation as a whole. There are effective ways of generating quality leads that are highly targeted and with the potential to bring in a huge volume of sales. You just have to find the right sources and lead vendors to work with. Experience is everything in the world of lead generation, and Harnessing Strengths has plenty of it.

Lead Generation Services

At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in lead generation services where we only bring the most targeted, highest quality leads for your business at a price you can afford. We provide GEO targeted, location specific, and national lead generation services where clients can purchase leads on a cost per lead (CPL) and/or cost per sale (CPA) basis.

Lead Generation Network Development

We also specialize in partnering with businesses in developing and managing branded and non-branded lead generation networks. This is where we develop a full lead generation network and optimize it to crank out quality leads at a targeted CPL. Then, we phase ourselves out once the network is developed and the client’s team is trained and comfortable in managing the network. This is a lead generation model where the company will pay for the network development and marketing costs, but the company owns the network and only pays us for our time, or on a cost per lead basis.

Here is a list of some of the industries for which we generate leads:

  • Attorney Lead Generation
  • Age Management Lead Generation
  • Auto Financing Lead Generation
  • Auto Insurance Lead Generation
  • Bio-Identical Hormones Lead Generation
  • BOTOX Lead Lead Generation
  • Chiropractic Lead Generation
  • Debt Consolidation Lead Generation
  • Debt Settlement Lead Generation
  • Dentistry Lead Generation
  • Diabetic Lead Generation
  • Education Lead Generation
  • Financial Services Lead Generation
  • Health Insurance Lead Generation
  • High Tech Lead Generation
  • Home Care Lead Generation
  • HVAC Lead Generation
  • Insurance Lead Generation
  • LASIK Surgery Lead Generation
  • Laser Hair Removal Lead Generation
  • Life Insurance Lead Generation
  • Loan Modification Lead Generation
  • Doctor Lead Generation
  • Medicare Lead Generation
  • Mortgage Lead Generation
  • Nursing Lead Generation
  • Pay Day Lead Generation
  • Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Retail Lead Generation
  • Singles Lead Generation
  • Solar Energy Lead Generation
  • Student Loan Lead Generation
  • Tanning Bed Lead Generation
  • Tax Lead Generation
  • Testosterone Replacement Lead Generation
  • Medical Weight loss Lead Generation
  • Pressure Washing Lead Generation
  • Lawn Service Lead Generation
  • Painting Lead Generation
  • And More

So, please contact us today and let’s have an honest conversation about what lead generation services we can provide for you in your industry. We will never oversell what we can do or what is possible in your industry. We always walk before we run. After completing a full market and competitive analysis, we will be able to provide a specific action plan on what we can do for you when it comes to effective lead generation.