If you have been in business for any length of time, you know some people just like to complain. Most of the time, it was nothing you did, they just did not like or understand the product or they did not read the contract, etc. And if you have ever Googled your company name, you will quickly find all of the negative things that are said about your company, even if they are not true. The problem is that all of your potential customers are also likely reading the same things.

What most companies do is ignore all of the Rip Off Reports, Consumer Complaints, and negative reviews, because they feel there is nothing they can do. But nothing can be further from the truth!

Now is the time to take control of your brand name, and repair your online reputation. We can help.

Repair Your Online Reputation

If you know anything about reputation management, you may have guessed that it can be a shady industry as there are many companies who simply make promises and then under-perform. At Harnessing Strengths, we believe in honesty and only provide the most transparent Reputation Management Services. Our goal is not to erase all negative feedback, but rather to help portray a balanced and accurate view of your company as viewed by your customers and clients.

When you contact us, we will put together a full Reputation analysis and detailed action plan to accomplish your goals. We will always make certain to provide realistic goals and expectations that we can actually accomplish. Most importantly, we will always put together a plan that meets your budget.

Here is a list of reputation management services that Harnessing Strengths can provide to move the negative review sites to the second and third page of search engines. Our major reputation management services includes:

  1. New Site Development – the biggest danger with aggressive reputation management campaigns is that they may look unnatural. At Harnessing Strengths, we are careful to start  reputation management campaigns with a strong foundation of different branded and non branded micro sites, lead generation sites, blogs, success story sites, reviews sites, directories, support sites, forums, FAQ sites, etc. And most importantly, we will build all of your sites into a content management system, so that you will be able to login and manage your sites whenever you want. With Harnessing Strengths, you are never dependent on us to update your reputation management services after our agreement is completed. We will always train your team on how to do reputation management moving forward.
  2. Local Directory Listings: To some this might seem trivial, but the local directories, mapping sites, business places have greatly changed over the last 2 years. By adding your company’s listing with the right content, contact info, graphics and reviews, we can successfully defend your reputation.
  3. Harness Reviews: We harness your customer reviews and testimonials on all of the major review sites to create the most organic reputation management. Of course, we only use real reviews. As part of the campaign we will put together customer surveys and emails to send to customers to get authentic reviews that actually work on the review sites.
  4. Article Marketing: The best way to build your reputation is become an industry expert. The best way to do this is to publish a bunch of articles, blogs, helpful tips, and FAQs on as many authoritative industry sites that can easily rank for the keywords you are targeting for. But it is important to note that you don’t just want to post your articles on just any site, because once you do, you lose control of the content. You need to make certain you choose reputable partners and sites that will give you a chance to rank and accomplish your goals. Harnessing Strengths can help: we specialize in finding effective article marketing partners and content that will actually rank and accomplish your goals. We also have professional SEO copywriters who can write the articles for you with a little direction on content from your team.
  5. Press Releases: As you probably know, there are many different press release services out there. Some are free, some cost money, some are a waste of money and some have great value. Harnessing Strengths has tried them all and know what works and what does not—contact us, so we can tell you more.
  6. Social Media Marketing: Besides the obvious social media venues, there are 30 or 40 different social media marketing options out there that will actually rank and build your brand. Of course, some are a waste of time and do not have a chance of ranking, but we have tested them all and can help you make the decision that will best benefit your company, at minimal cost.
  7. Video Marketing: Oddly enough video marketing with very little content can actually rank well in search engines and works well for reputation management and pushing down negative press. But at Harnessing Strengths, we go beyond the obvious video sites. There are over 30 different video sites that we will put your video(s) on that will rank for your brand and keywords. Plus, we have a video marketing team that can put together any videos desired for you.
  8. Continuing Content Growth: The most over-looked and important part of all the steps above, when it comes to reputation management, is growth. You can build the best foundation, put all of the right pieces in place and do all of the right things and make a huge difference. But the important part that many people forget is the continued growth strategy. You must have an effective long-term strategy in place to continually grow your content on all the sites so that the content stays fresh in the eyes of search engines. We have a full team of SEO copywriters who can put together ongoing content for you, and keep you ahead of the game.
  9. Continued Link Development: Another key component to success is effective, long-term, organic link development. Having an effective link development strategy is the only way to maintain high rankings to continue moving up on internet search engines. At Harnessing Strengths, we will train your team on how to find and obtain valuable organic links. We will educate them on the importance of effective anchor text and natural link development. In addition do training your team, we also offer full service link development services so that we can do it for you.

Manage Your Reputation – Reputation Management Alerts

At Harnessing Strengths, we take your reputation management services to the next level. As long as our agreement is in place, we will alert you of any new articles, blogs, reviews, videos and together we will respond to combat any inaccurate or unbalanced negative press.

Contact Harnessing Strengths today—we can’t wait to tell you how we can help you craft an effective reputation management campaign.