At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in putting together local radio and TV campaigns that actually work. We’ll work within your budget, and take care of all the details including campaign strategy, negotiations, scripts writing, ad production, landing page development, call tracking, etc. Here is an overview of the services we provide:

National & Local Radio Advertising

At Harnessing Strengths, we have run dozens of Radio Advertising campaigns for many different clients and local markets around the country. We always work directly with the local radio stations to get you the best possible rates and never work through a third party. We have the experience and expertise to write the scripts, negotiate the best cost per ad, setup the tracking number, program the landing pages, and more.

National & Local TV Advertising

TV adverting is actually cheaper than you would think and are it’s very effective when it comes to GEO targeting. At Harnessing Strengths, we make your TV commercial plan on specific TV channels, in the area around you choose, within a given time period. We also have TV Commercial production crews that we recommend in most every major city. If you are thinking about running a TV Campaign for your company, contact Harnessing Strengths to learn more.

And most importantly, we will put together detailed landing page, tracking numbers, campaign analytic and the performance metrics so you will be able to measure the success of your campaigns. At Harnessing Strengths will be give you an accurate and realistic expectations and what you can expect for the budget you have.

Contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us take your TV and Radio Advertising to the next level.