Did you know that on average 61% of buyers or potential customers go online to find a store. And in some industries, the number is even higher than that. The internet is no longer solely for nationwide businesses…  it is essential for local businesses to target shoppers in their area. So if you have one retail location or 100 different stores in 20 different cities, Harnessing Strengths has the experience and expertise to handle all of your local internal marketing.

Here is a list of some of the local internet marketing services we provide to generate leads for local businesses:

  • Local Business Listings: Millions of shoppers use directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local to find businesses in their area. These local business listings are also shown as search results on Google, Yahoo, & Bing. But it is important to remember that in addition to adding a local business listing, you also have to add a short but detailed description that gets potential shoppers excited and ready to buy, add appropriate graphics, and solicit all important reviews and customer testimonials.
  • Geo-Targeted Paid campaigns: By using “geo-targeting” tools, we can setup PPC advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, & MSN that will target searchers in your local area. Harnessing Strengths specializes in GEO targeted Paid Search marketing and is happy to talk with you about putting together a local paid search campaign for your company.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization – We always optimize our client website to rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, & Bing for local searches in your market. The best part is that local keywords are very relevant and not as competitive, and are easily able to accomplish your keyword goals when it comes to ranking.
  • Location Specific Websites: At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in finding location specific websites where you can promote your business. The local websites include websites like local online classifieds, local internet forums, and other websites that target your local geographic area.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media is actually one of the best ways to target a specific Geographic area. At Harnessing Strengths, we can create a social marketing strategy that will allow you to connect to and interact with people in your local area, on over 30 different social marketing websites.
  • Local Business Directories: We specialize in creating profiles to promote your business on internet directories like Superpages, Yelp, YP, and MerchantCircle, and more.
  • Local Magazines and Newspapers: We specialize in putting together print marketing campaigns that generate an effective CPL and ROI. So depending on your industry and target audience, Harnessing Strengths will find the best daily, weekly and monthly newsletter or magazine in your local area. We can take care of all of the details, from ad design to landing page design, tracking numbers, negotiations, etc.
  • Sign Marketing & Installation: Sometimes, the easiest way to get people into your store is to get their attention when they are just driving through the neighborhood. At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in sign marketing, and we do everything from design, printing,  setting up the web and phone tracking, and installing the signs anywhere in the country. We can have your signs designed, printed, shipped and installed within 7 to 14 days.
  • People Signs: The newest form of guerrilla marketing is called “people signs”. This is where you have one or two people standing at the closest intersection holding a sign with an arrow pointing towards your location doing everything possible to get passing vehicles and pedestrians attention. At Harnessing Strengths, we take care of all of the details for you from the design and printing of the signs to the hiring and managing of the staff. We can have one or two people at any intersection of your choice within 7 to 14 days.
  • Local Radio and TV Campaigns: We can put together local radio and TV campaigns an we’ll even take care of all the details for you, working within almost any budget.

Let Harnessing Strengths put together a local marketing campaigns that best fits your industry, target audience, and marketing budget. Contact us today let us take your local marketing to the next level.