Are you having a big event and looking for ways to get people to RSVP and actually show up? At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in event marketing and have marketed 50 to 60 big events around the country. So if it is a big conference with thousands of people , or a small speed dating event with 25 to 100 people, Harnessing Strengths is the event marketing company for you.

Here is a list of some of the event marketing services we provide:

  • Event Web Design: The most important part of event marketing is having a great event web site that makes your life simple, and is easy to update yourself. At Harnessing Strengths, we specialize in putting together web sites specifically for events marketing. So if you are wanting an informational website for your event where you are just marketing the event, or you want a website where people can RSVP for the event, and/or purchase tickets to the event online, Harnessing Strengths can put together the best event marketing website out there.
  • Event Lead Generation: Generating leads for an event has become one of the most successful ways of increasing attendance for an event. At Harnessing Strengths, we specializes in generating leads  for specific events. So if you are looking for ways of take your event to the next level, contact us today.
  • Paid Search: Anybody can run a paid search campaign on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc., but can they actually increase your event’s attendance? Just generating traffic to your website will not actually make people show up to your event. It is actually tougher than you think when it comes to having some say the will be coming and actually show up. So contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us put together a Paid search campaign that actually increases your attendance.
  • Event Email Marketing: Building a great email marketing campaign is the best way to keep people excited and actually get them to show up and ready to buy. What ever the goal of your event is, having an effective triggered email marketing campaign an make all the difference between a successful event or a huge flop. Don’t just pick any email marketing company to market your event. Get an Event Marketing company that actually has experience marketing events. Contact us today and let us help make your event a success.
  • Social Marketing: Having an effective social marketing campaign is a great way to get your events marketed organically. But you can’t just setup a Facebook or LinkedIn event/group and expect it to grow your attendance. Social networking requires you to engage your audience and work to actually make it happen. At Harnessing Strengths, we can put an effective social marketing strategy together that will actually increase your events attendance.
  • Email Discount Coupons: Over the last three years, the industry of email discount coupons has transformed the overall marketing industry as a whole. Companies like Groupon and Living Social can get your event in front of hundreds of thousands of people in only a few hours and increase your ticket sales 10 fold. The best part is that there is no risk or up front cost. But there is an obstacle: you have to be able to put together an amazing offer that is over 50% off and appealing enough for them to approve your offer. Getting your offer approved and getting the deal to run within a specific time-frame is very difficult and actually getting tougher each day. With such an amazing way to grow your attendance, you can’t afford to just submit your event and hope it gets approved. To be successful, you need to partner with an event marketing company that actually has experience with over 30 different email discount coupon companies and can put together an offer that works for you and most importantly will get approved. Contact Harnessing Strengths today and let us take your event marketing to the next level.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: Often the most overlooked method of event marketing is good old fashion guerrilla marketing. At Harnessing Strengths, we specializes in putting together full service and cost effective guerrilla marketing. Our event marketing campaigns include everything from yard signs to flyers, business cards, door hangers, people signs, etc. So contact Harnessing Strengths and learn more about what our Guerrilla marketing services can do for you.
  • Print Marketing: Another form of event marketing that is often overlooked (and for a good reason) is Print Marketing. That is because Print Marketing can actually be very expensive for what you get. But at Harnessing Strengths, we know all of the daily, weekly and monthly magazines, coupon mailers, etc.,  that are cost-effective and actually work to get your ROI.
  • Radio & TV Marketing: Depending on your event marketing budget, Radio and TV marketing can also be very effective for your event. You have probably heard commercials for your local boat show, gun show, grand opening event, fall festival, etc. If you partner with Harnessing Strengths, we can look at your budget and your target audience and put together a Radio and TV campaign that actually works to increase your attendance. But the best part about partnering with Harnessing Strengths is that we will always be up front and honest about what event marketing service will actually work for you. Contact us today.

So if you would like to learn more about our event marketing services, contact Harnessing Strengths today by filling out the form or giving us a call directly at (800) 411-0414.