At Harnessing Strengths, we also provide advanced email hosting services offering you a low cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange, but with all of the advanced features. Each email account includes 100GBs of email storage per mailbox along with IMAP, POP3, SMTP, WebMail, large attachments, unlimited aliases, and domains all with secure email connections.


1 – 50 Email Accounts

$5 Per Account Per Month


50 – 100 Email Accounts

$4 Per Account Per Month


100 + Email Accounts

$3 Per Account Per Month


Instant Messaging

$2 Per Account Per Month

Here is a list of all of our advanced email hosting features:

Advanced Email Syncing

Harnessing Strengths has an advanced syncing feature that allows you to sync your email, calendars, and contacts on all of your devices including your work computer, iPhone, BlackBerry, home desktop, iPad, or Web Mail.

Advanced Groupware

In addition to email features, we provide advanced groupware functionality as well, including a calendar application, contacts management, tasks and notes. The best part is that we are one of the only solutions that provide strong anti-spam and anti-virus services, which allows each mailbox to make their own custom whitelist and blacklist.

Online File Storage

At Harnessing Strengths, our email hosting has its very own online storage space. This means that you can save and send attachments from any computer from your online storage. You can even FTP large files to your email storage account as well.

Secure Instant Messaging

We also provide secure instant messaging for each email account. So you never have to worry about ads, or somebody else being able to access your instant messages. Secure instant messaging gives you peace of mind, without the added cost.

Special Desktop Notifier

At Harnessing Strengths also provides a special desktop notifier that runs in the background and lets you know if you get an email. It also provides an easy shortcut to access your web mail.

Email Archiving

Most businesses don’t archive, despite the many benefits as well as legal requirements to do so. With Harnessing Strengths archiving solution, it takes just seconds. The best part is that there is no hardware and no software to install at your premises. It’s entirely hosted on our infrastructure.

Some of the core features of our archiving service include:

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee.
  • Fully indexed and searchable by any criteria of an email including body & attachment content.
  • Flexible retention periods.
  • Entirely hosted – no hardware or software to install.
  • Scalable and low-cost.
  • No requirement to host your mailboxes with us.

To learn more about our advanced email hosting services, contact Harnessing Strengths today.