Corporate Training Services

At Harnessing Strengths, we provide the most comprehensive Corporate Training Services to meet any business, training class, seminar, or individuals needs. The best part about our corporate training services is that all of our classes, seminars and training courses are custom built specifically to meet the audiences skill level, your budget, and the information they will need on a day-to-day basis. All of our courses have flexible time lengths, so that we can build a class that actually offers what you need, but also meets the time requirements you have. We of course will have our recommendations on how much time a specific course and subject will take to effectively cover, but our goal is to build the training course or seminar that meets your specific needs.

Most importantly, unlike most corporate training courses, all of our training courses are taught by an experienced instruction with actual corporate experience who actively works in the industry with 20 to 40 clients daily, and hundreds over the years. With Harnessing Strengths,you are not going to get a professional “teacher” who has actually earned experience in the field and never put their money where their mouth is. We understand that there is difference between teaching theory from a book and teaching from real world experience; what you will actually need, actually use, and actually works.

Here is a brief list of some of the corporate training courses we provide.

Business Training

  • How To Market Your Business?
  • How To Market Your Church?
  • How To Choose The Right Hosting For Your Business?
  • How to Pick a Domain?
  • How to Generate Quality Leads?
  • Reputation Management – How To Manage Your Companies Reputation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

  • Understanding The Importance of Search Engine Optimization
  • How To Rank On The First Page?
  • How To Do Effective Keyword Research
  • Importance of Site Structure – How To Do Web Design For SEO
  • Onsite and Off Site Optimization
  • How To Build A Link Building Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization for ECommerce Sites

Paid Search Training

  • Mastering Paid Search And How To Grow Your Campaigns
  • Google Adwords Training
  • Microsoft AdCenter Training
  • Importance Of A Good Google Quality Score
  • How To Improve Your Landing Page Quality Score?
  • What Did You Get Google Slapped & How Do You Fix It?
  • How To Build Effective Landing Pages?
  • How To Cut Your Cost Per Lead In Half?
  • How to Build Graphic Ads For Content Networks?
  • How To Make Content Networks Work For You?

Social Media Training

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Training
  • Twitter Training
  • YouTube & Video Marketing Training
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level – Overview of the top 30 to 40 social media companies.

WordPress Training

  • How to Choose WordPress Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress?
  • How to Choose & Customize Your WordPress Themes?
  • What Plugins Do You Need And How To Install Them
  • WordPress Security – Is Your WordPress Site Safe?
  • How To Build A Mobile Site With WordPress?
  • How To Manage Your Website With Mobile Phone and iPad
  • How To Integrate Your Website to Automatically Update Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media
  • ECommerce For WordPress

eCommerce Training

  • Importance Of Picking The Right eCommerce Solution
  • Volusion Training
  • BigCommerce Training
  • WordPress eCommerce
  • Magneto ECommerces
  • How To Build Effective Landing Pages That Work?
  • Search Engine Optimization for ECommerce Sites

Email Marketing Training

  • What Is The Right Email Marketing Solution For You?
  • How To Build HTML Emails
  • How To Choose A Subject?
  • How To Track Sales With Email Marketing
  • Email Discount Coupons – How To Get Your Offer Approved By Groupon, Social Living, etc?

Local Marketing Training

  • Magazines & Newspapers – How To Choose The Right Print Marketing For Your Business?
  • Is Radio Right For Your Business – How To Get The Best Deals on Radio Advertising?
  • Event Marketing Training – How To Get People To Attend Your Event
  • Email Discount Coupons – How To Get Your Offer Approved By Groupon, Social Living, etc?

Blogging Training

  • How To Start A Blog?
  • How To Make Money Online?
  • How To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

So don’t just pick any corporate training company to train your staff, your business, your church, or yourself. Make certain to find somebody that teaches from actual experience. Contact Harnessing Strengths today and learn more about our corporate training services today.